While our streets are littered with waste and urine, the current leadership of the DCCC, chosen by out-of-touch party bosses and politicians, plays political games and uses empty slogans to stay in power instead of solving the everyday issues San Franciscans care about.

We need people in leadership who will do the work necessary to make the party relevant and effective again. We cannot carry the progressive banner nationwide if we are not living our values in our own home.

I’ve proven we can do both. I started a new and growing Democratic Club in an underserved community while helping to elect progressives in Virginia with San Francisco Sister District. I volunteered as chair of Rock the Congress while also getting elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and passing a resolution supporting the Green New Deal. We can walk and chew gum at the same time, cleaning up our streets while cleaning up our politics!

I’m running for two main reasons;

  • I want to bring DCCC back to the people. I will work to ensure that no one who serves as a sitting Supervisor or who is campaigning for Supervisor is allowed to serve on the DCCC and manipulate the endorsement process.

  • Instead of using DCCC resources to prop up the leaders of the DCCC, I want to fund and collaborate with local resistance groups already doing the work using our infrastructure and their incredible volunteers.